domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011


Okay, today I stayed home alone because my parents went to the beach. So I didn't get up very late, they woke me up to tell me they were leaving me here and that they'd call from time to time. I had breakfast and started talking to Alenna. See, yesterday I got three phone calls between midnight and 12:30, but I didn't answer because at that time I was watching HIMYM with my Mom and my sister Hettie. Y sent a text to that phone number and the owner of the phone said that my ex boyfriend had grabbed it and called me. It seems the owner and Pablo know each other. So, as I said, Alenna and I were talking, so I asked her if she knew the phone, or if it was Emie's. Both answers were "no". Same with Alice (who's now officially Alice Bianca on my blog, her blogger profile is by the name of Bianca), she had no clue who that phone number belonged to. So I ignored the fact that my ex boyfriend, who hates me and is dating my ex best friend, called me three times in the middle of the night.
Well, I was fine, I talked to Shadow, I discussed some confusing yet exciting feelings with Alice and kept talking with Alenna, we went on and on about piercings and the exchange program were in. I made lunch, watched The Simpsons, survived the heat, made a list of things to take on the exchange program with Mill Valley (I'm leaving next week!) and listened to music, especially to a song absolutely love, Behind these hazel eyes, by Kelly Clarkson. My Mother called a couple of times too. Suddenly the phone rang, and I thought <<Oh, it must be Mom again, or maybe one of my sisters friends>>. So I picked up the phone and saw it wasn't a mobile calling, so I answered and they hung up. I then supposed they might have gotten the wrong number, but I went to check who called anyway. And then's when everything became, like, totally weird. It was Emie's home phone number. I didn't call back, I wasn't talking to her. I'm still not. So then I talked that over with Alenna and Shadow. They took long to answer, I guess they were doing other things, so I opened Facebook and I was going to play Pet Society and read some of Barney Stinson's Quotes when I got a message from Emie's mother's Facebook, but it was actually Emie. Then she signed into her own account and started sending me messages: <<What's your problem?>> <<Why are you still acting like that?>> <<What's wrong with you?>>; although I'd only said that I didn't want to go to dinner with her and the other girls from the exchange program. So this time I got really mad. I'd told her not to talk to me. And she had been trying to steal my friends, but I'll talk about that in her own post. And she's the one who screwed this more than it was already, because I had done some too, but she started AND finished the job, I only got angry when they tried to ruin my life. And she thought I had a problem. So I called her really nasty things. But all true. I'm not going to write them because that's a private message and because I don't want to have really bad things written here. So anyway, that's done. Not only we're not going to be friends ever again, but I'll never trust her or even forgive her.  Alice, and maybe other girls from the so-called group who may read this (Alenna, Chloe, even the one's on the other side) I'm sorry because this is going to be hard on you, and if the group ever gets back together (which I doubt) I'll never be the same.
I'll write soon, I'll try to write everything that happens, I mean the relevant things, and I'll write a post about Emie and Irina.
Hope I didn't bore you to death.
Lots of love, especially to Alice, Alenna, Chloe and Shadow,

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  1. Annie, don't care about the phone calls or the texts or whatever , I'll talk to Emie to stop phoning you If you want. If you don't want to come to the dinner I understand.

  2. Alice,
    I'm trying my best to ignore them both, but, see, they're doing this on purpose so I won't ignore them. And that'd be very nice, I don't like when people phone me just to get attention or send me messages just to say those things. Do you see what she's doing? She's just trying to get everyone's attention and to look good, she wants to look like a saint when she isn't. I'm not either, but I don't tell everyone I've done nothing.
    I'm sick of it. Of her. Of him.