lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011


I met Emie when I was about to turn twelve. We were on a skying trip with school, the teachers told us "Please form two lines and we'll do the groups". I told Alenna to stand behind me, then maybe we'd be together. I ended up in group two and she went with group 3. There were several girls in my group, I think they were Ryelle, Eryn, Sonja, Emie and me. There were also five boys with us, but I only remember Raoul and Adam. I quickly paired up with Emie, because that was the best option there was.
After two hours of skying we had a small break to eat a sandwich, so we went to the entrance and sat on the snow. I wanted to go inside a hut there was, but I was afraid I wouldn't hear the instructor calling  us. I sat next to Emie and started looking for the food in my backpack (Obviously, where else would it be?). Then, Emie asked me if I could give her some of my water because her's was warm, and immediately afterwards she covered her bottle with snow so it would get colder. I lent her mine and she said << Wow! We have the same bottle! But yours is yellow and mine is blue>>. I thought it was too much of a coincidence because I had almost chosen the blue bottle, and we had the exact same coat. So we talked. We hung out together. I stopped paying as much attention to Alenna as used to, and I now feel bad for that, although we're fine.
We became good friends. We joked, we laughed, we talked, we were stupid, we were crazy, we dressed up, listened to music, went out, we cried, we cheered up each other, we did all this together and more. We even signed up for rhythmic gymnastics together. We became like sisters. We trusted each other, we told each other everything. I loved her. As my older sister, I mean. She took care of me at first. She was all I'd ever wanted, someone close to my age that'd be friends with me and that'd take care of me. I wanted to be like her, cool, stylish, I wanted to be able to talk to people,be successful in sports and win trophies.
Everything started going downhill after some time. I don't know if it was two or three years or more or less, I just can't remember, everything seems so far away... Well, she started criticizing my clothes, my taste in boys and many other things, they way I acted, the things I said. I didn't pay much attention at first, I thought <<Well, that's brave, telling the truth no matter how bad it was>>. But then she'd start scolding me and saying things that, well, they weren't really all that bad, but they were hurtful.
 The dream was shattered. By the end of last year she became distant. I really don't know why. Then, at the beginning of this year, I met Pablo. When we started dating she was jealous, that was perfectly clear. She grew even more distant. After the break-up she hardly talked to me. It was as if she was mad at me already. Then the fights started, she was in the middle of something that didn't concern her. She should have backed off, but she didn't and that is how she got involved in all this. If she had stopped getting in the way, we'd be all happy now and we'd hear no more about Pablo. But she really wanted to get in the middle of everything. Was she seeking attention? Was she jealous enough to want to really fuck me hard (not literally)? I don't know.
Well, she continued doing and saying things she shouldn't have. She said she wasn't doing anything and tried to look good. You know the rest. She refused to see me, even though I had agreed to do it (although I wasn't very comfortable with it). And that's the story. If you want to know anything else just post a comment with your questions.
Thank you for reading.
Most sincerely,

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