martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Changes : Part Two

Huh, my title sounds like the sequel of a pretty bad movie. Well, anyway, where was I? Oh, right, my fight with Pablo. So, I deleted him from my contacts on Tuenti, a website similar to Facebook. I told his "girlfriend", Choni, to delete me from her contacts, and then she got into the fight...She was quite mean. Then my friend Irina said that Emie had told her that she and Pablo had lied to me, Choni wasn't dating Pablo and didn't like him at all. Then why did they lie to me? They said because that way I'd stop bothering Emie. But was I really? I don't think so. I just asked her to stop talking to Pablo, or at least to stop talking about him, because I hated him.
I don't really remember what happened next. I just know that Emie stopped talking to me and started criticizing me, not behind my back, but in my own face!  Pablo manipulated her, he only told her the bad things I said, never mentioned the ones he said. I was sick of him. He called me several times. He sent me messages. I ignored him.
Then, one day, he told me he was coming to the school party, I don't know why he told me but I really didn't care. Or so I thought. Let's see, that day I was supposed to go shopping with Alenna, but she was late, very late, because she had gone to see her boyfriend and he was late too... Well, anyway, I spent the day chatting with Irina, until she left. I didn't care really, because she had changed so much, but I'll explain that later, I'll probably write a whole post about her. Then I started talking to some guy from school, Molina, until he left. I called Alenna to see why she was running so late and she said she'd come soon. I suddenly heard a noise, so I went to the living room. There I found my sister Lettie, who had just arrived, with two friends and said "Annie, your boyfriend's downstairs". I ran to the balcony and *Surprise*, there he was, waiting with two other friends. I told him to go away. Alenna came by a while later and we went to the mall, where I bought some cute heels and makeup. On the way back I bumped into 6 and some other guys, Molina, one of the twins, and some others... 6 whistled at me. It was...strange... Well, I went home to leave my things, and then went to the party with Alenna. Pablo called me again, he was so annoying!  We entered the school and he was waiting for us and followed me around.Well, the party was no good, I had a headache and I hated mostly everyone, except Alice (of course), who stayed with me the whole time, Chloe (she's really nice) and Alenna, but she had gone to dinner with her classmates.
Well, that was my last day of school. Really great. Awesome. I wish I'd have never gone to that damn party.

Well, that's all for now, I'll continue later, after dinner, or tomorrow, whenever I can. I'll also make a special post about Alice, Chloe and Shadow, pert English, part Spanish.

Love, especially to you three,

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