martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Hillo! XD

The title is pronounced "Hilow", it's from The Big Bang Theory.
Well, anyway, here I am again. I really have to take a break, so I'll continue the story soon enough, when it's time, but for now, let's move on to something else.
I want to talk about four people: Alice, Chloe, Alenna, and last, but not least, Shadow. These are my friends, the real ones, the one's who have stayed by my side when I most needed it, those who have helped me, defended me, those who have loved me (I sincerely hope so) and those who I love.
I met Alice when I was twelve. We didn't instantly become friends, but we are now and that's what counts. She's a good person, too much for her own good actually, but she's the kind of person who's worth befriending. She's always there, in good times and in bad. She's always supportive and thinks about the rest. She's nice to almost everyone.
Then there's Chloe. She's nice too, she knows how to make people smile and how to make a joke about everything that can be joked about, but she knows when she has to get serious about something. She says what she thinks whenever she can, the good and the bad, but she'd never let a real friend down.
Alenna. Met her in preschool, I think. We've been good friends, and though we've had fights over the years we are now together. I haven't talked much with her this summer, but we're still very close. She's loyal and nice, mature for certain things and very liberal. You can tell her anything because, not only will she understand, but she won't tell. She'll support you no matter what.
And then comes Shadow. Shadow is a really, truly, very good friend. He's always been there when I needed someone. He always knows how to make me smile, how to make me happy. He helps me believe in myself and showed me that there's still good people out there, you just have to look. And since he says he can't understand I'll just translate this last paragraph for him: Shadow es  un muy buen amigo mio. Siempre ha estado alli cuando yo necesitaba a alguien. Siempre sabe como hacerme sonreir, como hacerme feliz. Me ayuda a creer en mi misma, a tener confianza y me ha enseñado que aun quedan buenas personas en el mundo, solo hay que mirar.
I love you all, guys, and I know this definitely sounds corny*, but I had to say it.
I hope you comment (you better!....haha just kidding, but, that'd be nice).


Love and many thanks for helping me through my troubled life,
Your Anniselle

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  1. Thank you very much Anniselle, you moved me! You made me feel special, and of course I love you, no matter what, in good times and in bad times. You are one of my real friends too. Thank you for being so special. Love you!
    Alice ( Maybe I'll start a blog)

  2. You're welcome Alice! You ARE special, same as the others. Huh, it'd be cool if you had a blog, but in spanish or english? Or both? And maybe I'll get Shadow to sart one...who knows? BTW, did you read my answer to your other comment in the post "Changes"?

  3. JAJjaj I don't know , maybe it will be in Spanglish . I don't know what I am going to talk about , but... whatever
    jajja you should try, I guess, his, will be in spanish
    what does mean BTW ? By the way?
    no, i'll read it now

  4. Sweet. A Spanglish blog, that'd be like, totally awesome! XD You can write anything. Whatever crosses your mind.
    Yeah, his will be in Spanish, but I'll have to convince him first.
    Yep, it means by the way XD